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Next-generation Aerox R and all-new 125cc class scooter join the outstanding Yamaha scooter line-up. 

Yamaha's scooter line-up is already one of the most extensive available today. From the absolutely stunning high-performance 530cc TMAX through to the timeless 50cc BW's Original, Yamaha offers a vast choice of 4-stroke and 2-stroke models. And with the Electric Vehicle EC-03, Yamaha can justifiably claim to be one of the advanced brands in the scooter market.

Whether it's a Maxi Scooter, 125cc commuter or 50cc runaround, each and every Yamaha scooter has been designed to add an exciting new dimension to the owner's life experiences. A Yamaha scooter is much more than just two-wheeled transportation - it is a positive lifestyle choice which can open up a whole new world of possibilities: new places, new people, new directions.

For 2013 the new Aerox R will join the Yamaha scooter range. Available in standard and naked versions and featuring an all-new sports chassis and lightweight bodywork, the new-generation Aerox models take the supersport-style 2-stroke to a new level.

With increasingly high fuel prices, together with time-consuming urban congestion and increased consumer focus on personal spending, Yamaha's new 125cc class 4-stroke scooter has never been more relevant. Combining classic European styling with an affordable purchase price, and offering remarkable economy as well as a compact and easy-to-ride chassis, this attractive new 2013 model offers so much for so little.


Yamaha's ultimate 2-stroke sports scooter

The original Yamaha Aerox R has become a legend in the minds of teenagers all over Europe. For many thousands of aspiring riders, the Yamaha Aerox R has been their first taste of two-wheeled freedom.

Teenagers know exactly what they want, and they want the Aerox. Aimed at those riders who appreciate head-turning supersport looks combined with thrilling 2-stroke performance, the Aerox R is the scooter that style-conscious teenagers choose to be seen on.

For 2013 Yamaha announce the introduction of the redesigned Aerox R, which is ready to capture the imagination of a whole new generation of European teenagers. This exciting sports scooter has been dramatically restyled for 2013, and now features even more supersport-inspired bodywork and a higher overall specification that is ready to show today's teenagers that the Aerox R is still the leading sports scooter.

The great news for all sports scooter fans is that the new Aerox R runs with the latest version of Yamaha's rapid and reliable 2-stroke liquid-cooled engine. Delivering free-revving acceleration combined with a racy exhaust note, the 2-stroke is still the only way to go for many riders. And with its all-new bodywork, sports chassis and radical R-series inspired styling, the new Aerox is more than a worthy successor to its legendary namesake.

Sleek new supersport-style bodywork

When the original Aerox R was launched at the end of the 1990s it brought an exciting new look to the 50cc scooter category, and for 2013 the new-generation Aerox R is designed to take this supersport image to another level.

The all-new aerodynamic bodywork has been inspired by the designs used on Yamaha's R-series supersport motorcycles, and from just about any angle the family relationship is obvious. A lightweight front cowl protects the rider from the wind and weather, while the aggressively-styled dual headlight assembly gives the Aerox a charismatic face, and projects a powerful low and high beam - to see and be seen.

Bodywork is minimalist and cut down to keep weight down and emphasise the supersport influence. Its low frontal area underlines this scooter's sports image and also allows the Aerox to cut through the air for responsive acceleration. To complement the scooter's supersport image, the ergonomics are designed to give a sporty forward-crouching riding position - and the spacious footboard area and new seat allow for a more relaxed and upright riding position when desired. The new dual seat features white stitching that underlines the sporty image - and a spacious under-seat storage compartment can hold a full face helmet.

More evidence of the R-series influenced sports styling can be seen in the all-new tail light, which has been heavily influenced by the design used on Yamaha's iconic YZF-R1. Featuring an upswept tail unit and recessed triangular rear light, this supersport-style rear-end accentuates the Aerox's sleek looks and underlines its position as the premier sports 50cc model.

Free-revving 49cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled 2-stroke engine

The new-generation Aerox R is powered by our 49cc liquid-cooled 2-stroke engine, and sports scooter fans can be assured that the cult of the 2-stroke scooter is still very much alive!

What makes the latest Aerox's 2-stroke engine so very special in the eyes of sports scooter riders is its exciting rev-happy character, which just loves to be ridden. Featuring almost 'square' bore and stroke dimensions of 40mm x 39.2mm and a high compression ratio of 12:1, this liquid-cooled powerplant kicks out maximum power at 6,750 rpm. In the real world this translates into a rewarding, responsive and exciting riding experience that is loved by all serious performance-minded riders.

For many younger scooter riders, the sound, character and feel of the 2-stroke engine represents the very essence of two-wheeled enjoyment, and the new Aerox R is ready to deliver exactly what these action-loving teenagers are looking for.

An automatic gearbox with V-belt transmission ensures smooth getaways and seamless acceleration, allowing riders to enjoy the full potential lightweight 2-stroke engine.

Sports chassis for sharp handling

In order to extract maximum enjoyment from its responsive 2-stroke powerplant, the new Aerox R is equipped with a compact and lightweight sports-type chassis. For optimum rigidity and precision handling a tubular-type steel frame is used, and this is equipped with class-leading front and rear suspension systems that offer a smooth ride, together with sporty and precise handling, and easy steering performance.

Sturdy hydraulic telescopic forks give 80mm of front wheel travel, while the rear shock offers 70mm of rear wheel movement for excellent shock-absorbing characteristics on uneven surfaces. The Aerox's compact dimensions make for great manoeuvrability in town, and to illustrate this fact, its minimum turning radius is just 2 metres. The lightweight and agile chassis makes the Aerox R a strong performer in and out of town - and weighing just 92.5 kg dry, this stylish sports scooter will nip in and out of traffic with ease.

High overall specifications

There are many features that make the Aerox R stand out from the crowd. Of course, there's the highly responsive 2-stroke engine with its very special feel, sound and character. Then there's the lightweight sports chassis whose compact dimensions and smooth-action suspension systems allow the rider to take control around town and run free in the countryside.

But take a look beyond the more obvious features, and what soon becomes evident is that the new Aerox R has been designed and manufactured to a high overall standard, and with full attention to detail.

Yamaha's design team set out to create a new generation Aerox which would not only be true to the sporting heritage of the original model, but would also offer the customer even higher levels of quality, reliability and satisfaction.

Yamaha quality, reliability and back up

Features such as the all-new LCD instrument panel featuring a stylish array of indicator lights and meters, the new sports dual seat and the spacious storage compartment underline Yamaha's total commitment to quality, performance and rideability, and this ethos applies to every aspect of the new scooter.

With over 50 years experience in the manufacture of innovative and exciting powered two wheelers, Yamaha is a respected brand, and every new Aerox owner can be confident that our European network of Official Dealers is able to provide a first class service. In every area from spares back-up through to routine servicing, as well as the choice of accessories through to warranty cover, the Aerox customer can expect to receive a service that is reliable and customer-focused. 

Available in standard and all-new naked options

The new Aerox R will be available in standard and naked specifications. While the standard Aerox R model features an upper cowl which incorporates the instruments and handlebars, the new-for-2013 Aerox R Naked model has cut-down bodywork with no handlebar cowl. Aimed at active riders who demand cutting-edge style, the streetwise Aerox R Naked combines fun and freedom with urban cool.

Large-diameter 190mm front and rear disc brakes

Aerox riders not only demand a high specification engine and chassis - they also want serious stopping performance to match their riding style. For this reason the new model runs with large-diameter 190mm disc brakes at the front and rear. These lightweight discs are slowed by compact calipers which give smooth and progressive braking performance for effective stopping power. 

Lightweight 13-inch wheels

Like the previous model, the new Aerox R runs on lightweight alloy wheels which keep unsprung weight low to help to ensure smooth suspension action. The lightweight front wheel also contributes towards a light handling feel when steering, making the Aerox one of the most manoeuvrable and agile two wheelers in its category.

For easy steering and great roadholding the 13-inch sports-specification wheels are fitted with wide, low-profile tyres. At the front there is a 130/60-13 tyre, while the rear end runs with an extra-wide 140/60-13 tyre that not only delivers plenty of grip, but also gives the rear end a sleek supersport-type appearance.

Accessories Aerox R and Aerox R Naked

To accentuate the new Aerox R and Aerox R Naked sporty and sleek looks a wave disk – suitable for front and rear – anodized aluminium foot plates, single seat cover in Midnight Black or Competition White and kick starters in stylish red, blue, white and black are available from our accessories range. The faired Aerox R can be customized even further with a sport screen. And for the fast-living youngsters we have a side stand for quick parking.

New Aerox R: Technical highlights

*          Two versions available: Aerox R and new Aerox R Naked

*          High overall specification

*          Aerox R Naked features:

                                   - Cut down bodywork with no handlebar cowl                                                           - Cutting-edge style for active urban riders

*          Yamaha quality, reliability and back-up

*          Free-revving 49cc single cylinder liquid-cooled 2-stroke engine

*          Super-responsive acceleration

*          All-new body components

*          Sports chassis for sharp handling

*          Lightweight 13-inch alloy wheels

*          Extra-wide 140 section rear tyre with sports-pattern

*          Radical new R-series inspired supersport-style bodywork

*          Large-diameter 190mm front and rear disc brakes

*          Outstanding braking and handling performance

*          Smooth-action telescopic front forks

*          Stylish dual seat with sports riding position

*          7-litre fuel tank with 1.25 litre 2T oil tank

*          Comprehensive new high-specification LCD instruments

*          Underseat storage for full-face helmet

*          Radical new YZF-R1 type tail-light

*          Wide range of bolt-on Genuine Yamaha accessories


Colour options:


Aerox R:

Absolute White

Funky Blue

Lunar Grey


Aerox R Naked:

Power Black




New European-style 4-stroke offering value with performance

With fuel prices at record highs, the demand for economical and practical transport solutions has never been greater. The proportion of the average person's disposable income that is spent on fuel has increased in recent years, and the vast majority of people are looking for ways to lower their transport costs.

In response to the clear need for reliable, economical and attractive personal transport, Yamaha is developing a new type of scooter for the 125cc 4-stroke segment. The design team's key development goals are to create a value-for-money European-style lightweight scooter, which offers strong performance combined with Yamaha levels of quality.

This impressive new model is being developed from one of Yamaha's scooters that is already a major success in the highly competitive Asian market. While the new European model shares the same fundamental engine and chassis layout as its proven Asian counterpart, it features revised specifications as well as a whole new look and feel to cater for the demands of our European customers.

Powered by an economical single-cylinder 4-stroke engine housed in a compact and lightweight chassis, this new Yamaha scooter offers a stylish and affordable way to reduce fuel bills and beat traffic jams. And at the same time as helping the owner save time and money, this chic new 125cc class 4-stroke offers good value and strong all-round performance - together with Yamaha quality and reliability.

Demand for lightweight scooters looks set to expand as fuel costs rise and congestion worsens. This new 125cc class 4-stroke offers new and existing scooter riders the chance to own a quality product that offers style, economy and value for performance.

This new model will be available in Europe from summer 2013.

New Yamaha 125cc class 4-stroke Scooter

Key Features:

*          Value-for-money 125cc class 4-stroke

*          Strong performance with impressive economy         

*          Competitive price combined with Yamaha quality

*          Classically styled European-type bodywork

*          High quality Yamaha finish

*          Light, agile and easy to ride

*          Sub-99kg weight

*          Ultra-compact and lightweight chassis

*          Low seat height and easy manoeuvrability

*          Underseat storage for two jet helmets

2013 Scooter Range Overview

High-wheel scooters

Some people choose a Yamaha Xenter or X-City high-wheel model because they like their classic design and elegant bodywork. Others go for this style of scooter because their large-diameter 16-inch wheels give a comfortable and confidence-inspiring ride.

Their stable handling characteristics are particularly good on uneven surfaces such as tram tracks, cobbled streets or poorly-maintained roads. With these beautifully-styled models, Yamaha offers a choice of high-wheel scooters that can transform your journey to work, and will almost certainly save you time and money in the process.


Our 125cc scooters are very popular with new riders and those owners who are stepping up from a 50. And of course, these easy-to-ride scooters are a clear favourite with car drivers looking for a more cost-effective method of transport.

With the arrival of the all-new stylish and affordable 125cc class scooter, Yamaha now offers a total of six distinctly different models in this important class. Each model has its own particular character, from the high-specification X-MAX 125 variants that excel at longer distance commuting, through to the Cygnus X which is ready to take on the city streets.

Riders on a budget are sure to appreciate the low running costs and affordability of the Vity - and with its chunky all-terrain tyres and rugged bodywork, the 'go-anywhere' BW's 125 is built to handle whatever the urban jungle throws at it.

50cc Scooters

Yamaha 50cc scooters represent fun and freedom to a teenager, comfort and convenience to a commuter, and go-anywhere ability to riders living in the countryside. They can mean many things to many people. But we think that all owners will agree that a Yamaha 50cc scooter has the potential to transform everyone's life.

Our latest model range is as diverse as the customers who buy them. The new-for-2013 Aerox R and Aerox R Naked take over from its namesake which has been every teenage rider's dream-come-true for the last 15 years. Available in standard and naked variants, this supersport-style 2-stroke is more stylish than ever, and continues the Aerox tradition of offering the ultimate 2-stroke experience.

The 50cc line-up also includes the sleek JogR and JogRR liquid-cooled 2-strokes, as well as the user-friendly Neo's and Neo's 4 urban runarounds. Our legendary chunky-tyred BW's is available in Original, Naked and 12inch variants to cater for all tastes - and with its cut-down bodywork and rugged specification, the Slider Naked is built to deliver urban action. And for 2013 the BW's Naked and Slider Naked are equipped with a new handlebar design carrying a new speedometer.

50cc Gearbox

The Yamaha TZR50 brings big-bike styling and design to the 50cc Gearbox category. With a full-sized chassis, aerodynamic R-series bodywork and liquid-cooled engine, this sporty machine looks, feels and works like a much larger motorcycle. And with a manual gearbox, it's one of the best possible ways for teenagers to learn on before they move to a full-size bike.

Electric Vehicles

The Yamaha EC-03 is simplicity itself to ride and recharge. Aimed at urban dwellers who want a responsible, clean and quiet commuter, this two-wheeled Electric Vehicle is slim and light, making it absolutely ideal in congested city streets.

EC-03 users can say goodbye to the queues and high costs at petrol stations - because to refuel the EC-03 it just needs to be plugged into to a standard electrical socket. It will save time, money and reduce your carbon footprint. And that's three good reasons to change.  

Full 2013 Scooter Range with Colour Options

High-Wheel Scooters

  • X-City 125 (in Competition White, Midnight Black) 
  • Xenter 125 (in Sky Blue, Avalanche White, Midnight Black)
  • Xenter 150 (in Avalanche White, London Grey, Midnight Black)

125cc Scooters

  • X-MAX 125/ABS (in Aluminium Slate, Competition White, Midnight Black)
  • X-MAX 125 ABS Business (in Classy Stone)
  • Cygnus X (in Stardust Silver, Midnight Black, Competition White)
  • Vity (in Competition White, Gun Metallic)
  • BW’s 125 (in Avalanche White, Titanium)

50cc Scooters

  • New Aerox R (in Absolute White, Funky Blue, Lunar Grey)
  • New Aerox R Naked (in Power Black)
  • BW’s Original (in Absolute White, Funky Blue, Power Black)
  • BW’s Naked (in Pop Red, Sonic Grey)
  • BW’s 12inch (in Frozen Titanium)
  • Neo’s (in Midnight Black, Racing Red, Competition White)
  • Neo’s 4 (in Frozen Titanium, Midnight Black, Competition White)
  • Slider Naked (in Funky Blue, Absolute White)
  • Jog R (in Competition White, Cosmic Purple)
  • Jog RR (in Midnight Black, Competition White)

50cc Gearbox

  • TZR50 (in Yamaha Blue, Absolute White)

Electric Vehicles

  • EC-03 (in Basic White, Magnetic Bronze)

(Please note: New-for-2013 colours shown in bold type)


For full technical specifications of all models in the range, please go to: www.yamaha-motor.eu


Please be informed that not all models and/or all colours of the above-mentioned models are available in all countries. Please contact the national Yamaha distributor for further information.


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High-resolution images and information on the full Yamaha product line-up are available from the Yamaha Media Centre.

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